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Please note that accounts shall expire one calendar year from the date of approval. However, your PI has the option to request an earlier expiry during the approval process if your project duration is expected to be shorter.

Select the system for which you seek an account. For technical details of our systems, please see this.

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  If you select Yes, you MUST also justify your need for GPUs as part of your research description by mentioning, among other things, the software or frameworks you will be working with.

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Note that an "affiliation change" includes not only switching organizations, but also switching your TAMUQ Principle Investigator

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  Name of funding agency or program, and grant number(s) -- e.g. NPRP 07-210-1-032, NPRP 10-1210-160019, etc.
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  Either the title of your project, or a single concise sentence describing the thrust of your research effort."
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Please provide a brief (i.e. several sentences) but meaningful technical description of your research and explain how this account is relevant to that research. Descriptions that are vague or insufficiently detailed will lead to processing delays.
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  Please upload your passport copy. Formats accepted is pdf
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  Please acknowledge acceptance of the terms of use and guidelines defined (1) here by our facility and (2) here by the TAMUQ IT department

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